Medical Technology Demo Platform

Recent progress in machine learning (e.g. deep learning trend) sped up with the seemingly unbounded availability of computing power enable a next generation of electronic health services. Together with project partners from software industry and the health sector our research team at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts - The Lucerne School of Information Technology amalgamates computer vision techniques and machine learning together with the best fitting business model into novel and disruptive health services. These pages aim to make our research on the algorithmic machinery visible to a broader audience by providing a testbed of online demonstrators. Please check them out and feel free to get in touch with us!

SkinApp: Online Demos & Documents

 Video PhotoBox

A short video showing the current PhotoBox prototype in action.


 Automated Eczema Quantification

Have a look at a poster presentation of our latest research results.


 Skin-App Web

A generic online platform for harvesting machine learning training data from the crowd.

Coming soon ...

PrefMed: Online Demos

 Therapy Adviser

A recommender system that suggests suitable therapies for skin eczema based on explicit preferences and multi-objective optimization.